Video – Over One hour Of Ableton Live 9 Deep House Composition

Ever wondered what goes through the mind of a producer when they make a track? This latest episode of my #producerPOV video series is a massive composition session in Ableton Live 9 where I create the foundations of a 117BPM Deep House track and (this time) explain what i’m doing as I go. Adding the voiceover and video window made this a much bigger investment of time so there are more ads on this than usual, I hope this is a fair trade.

A large range of techniques are covered and I just haven’t got time to dive in and log all of them so i’m going to suggest that you the viewers give me (and everyone else) a hand. If you find something you like and think people should know about it, push pause on the video player and use the share button with the ‘start at’ button pushed. This will place the playhead position of the video player into the link and direct people to that point. Post a comment on here (or on my facebook page letting everyone know what’s happening.


Routing Midi + Audio from Maschine into Live as External Instrument Tracks

Everyone asks me about workflow with Maschine and this is one of the approaches: create the beats in standalone and then move into the DAW. You could export as audio but you’d be limiting yourself; using midi keeps full control of all of the sounds in the mix. If you want to adjust the pitch or length of the sound it’s easy.. need to replace a sound? far more easy to do so at source than to have to re-render again..