Realtime Maschine Performance


She’s out of my Bitwig


Fourtet Style Sample Flipping

When I saw Fourtet using this technique I was blown away as i’d never seen the approach. I’ve seen many people sample flip but usually it was after chopping the sample up first. This method triggers the sound first THEN you adjust the sample start point. Amazing approach..


Techy House idea #producerPOV in Ableton

Another idea demonstrated in realtime with no voiceover. Not sure about the church bells – that section needs some work!


Maschine 2.0 #producerPOV – Deep Mystic Banger

Another one I seriously need to finish! If only Maschine 2.0 allowed you to record mutes and solos into an arrange track.. I could have got the bulk of it done in this session!


Beyonce and Drake get twisted and remixed in Cubase

A technique I developed many years ago still works a treat today. It involves ‘freezing’ a reverb tail and creating infinite versions of whatever is running through at the time. Watch the video for the full lowdown


Sample Flipping – George Benson

Sampling often gets a bad name and often the reason is because of lazyness/lack of imagination in the part of the producer. Too many people are sampling recognisable chunks of the source material and just putting a beat on top. There is another way though.. If you go digging through the source material and put some proper effort in you can come up with something totally different. This #producerPOV grabs the intro of George Benson’s “I Want To Hold Your Hand”¬†and twists it into a deep, techy instrumental. It’s virtually unrecognizable from the source due to the editing, pitching and processing. This way of working IS an artform but be respectful. Remember there are two rights you may be infringing:

  • Recording Rights – this covers the recording itself and is usually all about the label.
  • Publishing Rights – this covers the writing of the music or lyrics

I had a lot of fun on this one and actually would love to do a Pepe Braddock “Deep Burnt” kind of vibe with those strings.. will try and find the time. Have a go for yourselves though, let me know if you’ve got something to listen to on here or Facebook.


Video – Over One hour Of Ableton Live 9 Deep House Composition

Ever wondered what goes through the mind of a producer when they make a track? This latest episode of my #producerPOV video series is a massive composition session in Ableton Live 9 where I create the foundations of a 117BPM Deep House track and (this time) explain what i’m doing as I go. Adding the voiceover and video window made this a much bigger investment of time so there are more ads on this than usual, I hope this is a fair trade.

A large range of techniques are covered and I just haven’t got time to dive in and log all of them so i’m going to suggest that you the viewers give me (and everyone else) a hand. If you find something you like and think people should know about it, push pause on the video player and use the share button with the ‘start at’ button pushed. This will place the playhead position of the video player into the link and direct people to that point. Post a comment on here (or on my facebook page letting everyone know what’s happening.