I’ve been teaching music production for over ten years now and I just can’t help myself giving away production secrets and advice to people who want to learn. I remember what it was like when I started out and just want people to realise that the subject doesn’t have to be daunting. My down to earth approach is all about practical usage of DAWs and plugins, the aim being to get you sounding authentic and as professional as possible.


11 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Danny, I took a couse at pointblank some time ago, and I really have to say, I love your work here and your tutorials are AWESOME. Really in-depth kind of stuff, inspiring and very professional… please keep it up !!! Good job!!

    Cheers from Stuttgart / Germany


  2. Hy Danny, I’ve just found your video tutorial about sound design on the moog minitaur. I had bought myself one of those and the video really helped me to better understand how to approach it (specially on how to reset the sound to its “basic” form and envelope behavior). Then I just went on checking your other stuff and must say you’ve got really usefull tutorials here! It’s clear and straight forward. Nice one mate! I’ve been working on some tunes I’m about to release on a local digital label, wonder what you have to say about these – https://soundcloud.com/fulano47/sets/lost-beat-and-bop-e-p – Thanks again for your help and keep up the great work 😉 Hugo

  3. Goood job I have to say. Very easy to understand and in depth stuff you teach here. Hope you’re well ,making good sounds Danny and having fun !! 😀

  4. Hi Danny, I have to tell you what a massive help all your tutorials are for me. I’ve only discovered them this past month, I’ve been catching up watching them all. Your helping me understand to keep things simple, only to use Logic and not to think I need to buy the next new thing to make me sound better (apart from Logic X). Please keep up your great work.

    Nice one!

  5. Hey Danny –

    Love what you got here! Great stuff I can’t wait to dig into all of these great lessons. I shared your site with a friend of mine who is just starting out in production. I am curious if you know anything about or will do some tutorials on some more esoteric “sound design” methods for manipulating audio. Specifically using software like Gleetchlab / SoundHack / FScape – I watch tons of tutorials all over the place and always learn something new and I also always ask people to take a spin at these niche software environments but sadly no one has taken a bite out of them yet! I use Gleetchlab and FScape all the time but they are so flexible and creative I am dying to see other people’s approach to them! Thanks for reading bro! Keep on rocking!

  6. Hi Danny!

    My name is Mr. kev, I started running an online house dance magazine here in South Africa called picobeats.com. Your tutorials are helpful and I would like to share them on the website if you don’t mind. You are doing a great job and i would like share your great work with ours here in South Africa.

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