Over one and a half hours of mixing in Cubase 7.5

Continuing my recent mix down focus this is an extended and largely unedited (i had a couple of rests periods so there are ‘jumps’) mix down session of a track that has actually been released – It’s important to know that the version for sale is not my mix down. Alex Livermore and the label Avec Moi Records kindly provided the stems AFTER the release. The video is a long journey but should be worth sticking with for some of you. In some ways I would have preferred doing a voiceover but in some ways I like the mystery of it. It reminds me of those early years when I’d sit behind an engineer working on one of my tracks in a large studio – wondering all about the audio alchemy they were performing. Watch the video and let me know if you have any questions, i’ll try and get back with answers.


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