Retina Support in DAWs and that 4k Video Tutorial

I’m lucky enough to now have a retina macbook pro and the difference compared to my previous non retina one is staggering. It’s like I’ve had my eyes lazered and corrected.. seriously, it’s amazing. The default resolution is the real showcase of the technology.. it’s not ‘high’ in a conventional sense at 1280×800 but it’s so damn comfortable to look at. I loaded up Logic Pro X and whilst the screen real estate is low it’s gorgeous to look at with beautifully rendered UI elements and text. Take a look at the screenshot below which actually comes out at 2560×1600 (and that might sound confusing but in order to get the fonts and UI stuff rendered at that clarity it needs a higher DPI – hence the higher resultant resolution)


So I made a comparison with Ableton Live and at the same scale and resolution it’s not looking so pretty. Fonts particularly look mashed up with the interface set to 100% scaling. Take a look at the equivalent 1280×800 Retina screen grab below to see the difference.


I dived online to see if anyone else had complained and discovered an ableton support post that backed up my feelings although it presented an interesting solution, to increase the resolution on the desktop – taking it out of ‘retina’ mode and then increasing the scale of the Ableton Interface. The results ARE good but it’s not the same is it? I’d like to see proper retina support on Ableton – just like Logic Pro X has.

4k Video Tutorials

Now that youtube can handle it the opportunity is there for people like myself to make 4K tutorials. Is there any point? I don’t think so and it’s a way bigger overhead for the system, slower rendering, slower upload etc.. I think i’ll leave it to the movie industry to lead on this one! Have a look for yourselves though.. the video is below (and yes I found out earlier that Tom Cosm beat me to it with the first 4k tutorial lol):


One thought on “Retina Support in DAWs and that 4k Video Tutorial

  1. It doesn’t totally get you the result you want, as that requires the daw makers to update their stuff (and frankly, with a MacBook Pro being the main workhorse for many a music maker, and all new ones having a retina display, the fact that this hasn’t been handled yet in Ableton/Cubase/etc is a tad ridiculous outside of aesthetic, the practical benefits of more real estate on the screen seem to be lost on them)… but I digress.

    You can set, on an individual app basis, to use low resolution mode, so you’re not always in preferences switching back and forth. Single click the app in your applications folder, cmd + i or “get info” off a secondary click, the option should be in there.

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