Open letter to Spotify Tech team


For underground dance labels, spotify is a great way to create monetised promotion for releases. I say promotion because DJs still need to BUY downloaded music files to play out in the clubs. A strategy where a release goes up on spotify a week early is possibly a good strategy.

The problem with most underground tracks however is the 2 mins or so of pure drum beats before and after the ‘meat’ of the track. On Spotify we don’t really need to hear this. There’s no point in shipping a dedicated promotional edit through the supply chain so how about this Spotify devs? let playlist creators also set start and end time of each track plus the ability to add a fade in/fade out or cross fade. If you can do so also how about a beat snapping option? This way we could compile almost DJ style mixes as playlists from already uploaded spotify tracks.

The benefit is clear for all: no un-necessary extra metadata plus you give the underground club music world a great platform to push stuff to. If you do a good job (a dedicated playlist mix app would be perfect) I can see curated DJ mix playlists really taking off, streams increasing, new customers coming on board etc and the great thing about this is the fact the rights holders get paid.

What do you reckon?


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