My Underground Music Production Group on Facebook has grown into a seriously useful place for the exchange of music production knowledge. I’ve been encouraging those who have the ability to screencast to put together video tutorials and #producerPOV sessions and they have well and truly dived in. This playlist is continuously updated so save it to your favourites and check in often. Thanks to everyone in the group for making it what it has become.

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The Skip

Originally posted on Music Machinery:

skip At the time when I was coming of age musically, when we listened to music on LPs, the listening experience was very different than it is today. For one, if you didn’t like the currently playing song you had to get out of your chair, walk over to the turntable, carefully pick up the tone arm and advance the needle to the next track.  That was a lot of work to avoid three minutes of bad music. You really had to really dislike a song to make skipping it worth the effort. Today, with our fancy iPhones and our digital streaming music subscription services, skipping a song couldn’t be easier. Just tap a button and you are on to the next song.  The skip button is now a big part of the overall listening experience. Don’t like a song? Skip it. Never heard a song? Skip it. Just heard a song?…

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Beyonce & Drake “Mine” Chord Downloads

A while back I did a #producerPOV video where I took the Beyonce album track “Mine” and used a unique technique to extend a grain or two of the sample and create a chord. I ended up with a bunch of great sounds that could work in your tracks. Have a listen, download and get busy! Let me know if you use them.. would love to hear them in action.